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Patrick Hakeem is a rising star in Canada’s comedy scene, known for his quick wit and infectious charm. With performances at prestigious festivals like JFL Toronto, Icebreakers, Ice Cold, Zoofest, and NXNE, he’s proven himself as a comedic force to be reckoned with. Patrick has also graced the airwaves, with appearances on Sirius XM and CBC radio, showcasing his talent to audiences far and wide.

Originally from Montreal, Patrick’s multicultural background adds depth and richness to his comedic perspective. As a half-Syrian, half-Ecuadorian first-generation Canadian who grew up in an all-Italian neighborhood, he brings a unique blend of cultural influences to his comedy. Patrick’s ability to connect with diverse audiences stems from his experiences, making his performances relatable and genuinely entertaining.

What sets Patrick apart is his remarkable ability to engage with the crowd, effortlessly weaving in heart-felt rants and spontaneous interactions that leave audiences roaring with laughter. Whether he’s poking fun at societal norms or sharing personal anecdotes, Patrick’s comedic style is both playful and profound, showcasing his talent for finding humor in life’s everyday moments.

Exclaim Magazine raves, “Patrick Hakeem is not just a rising star; he’s a great testament to the new crop of Canadian comics. His bit about internally debating how to flirt as a half-Latino, half-Middle Eastern man was as unique as it was funny, while his joke about how Facebook breeds hate between people was more enjoyably acerbic.”

With Patrick Hakeem, audiences are in for a night of laughter, insight, and pure entertainment. Keep an eye on this rising comedian as he continues to leave his mark on the comedy scene, one hilarious performance at a time.

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