Services | Williams Hirsch Talent Management

Talent Management

Once you’ve signed on as a client, we start working right away with succession and business planning. We essentially take you from start to finish. From headshots to websites to helping you market your next big show or event. Remember, nobody will come see you if they don’t know you’re in town. We’re here for career guidance in all aspects and at all levels of where you are in your career.

Live Events

Are you looking to book a Comedian for your next festival, fundraiser or corporate event? Or maybe you own an establishment and you’re thinking if a comedy night is a good idea? We have some of the best comics in North America and can bring exceptional value to each show we book. Check out our talented roster and drop us a line.

Marketing & Branding

As one of our artists, we will help you with overall planning, development and marketing efforts to increase your image and help grow your fan base. Need a website or a complete rebranding overhaul? Help with increasing your social media profiles? We can do that. Remember, this is your first point of contact and impression you will give to fans and clients alike, so you better make it memorable!

Public Relations & Press

We are an image shaper. We help generate positive publicity for you and enhance your reputation. We write and distribute press releases, help with pitches, can get press for events or shows and if you find yourself in a PR crisis, we will create strategies to dig you out of that too.